Flagging Rotterdam Unlimited

Emma van Beek, Threesome

This year, the second edition of the multi-day festival Rotterdam Unlimited occurred. With acts such as the Battle of the Drums; the Summer Carnival Street Parade; a collaboration with dance event Crazy Sexy Cool and many other acts throughout the city it was again a tropical adventure, including tropical temperatures.

During this edition Rotterdam Unlimited has also taken a big step in the city dressing for this event. At various locations flags designed by Emma van Beek (student Threesome) and Natasa Heydra (supervisor Threesome) fluttered in the wind. Due to the flags the event already began at the steps of Central Station and from here several routes were marked!

In collaboration with Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Unlimited the Threesome team developed the city dressing for Robin Rotterdam Unlimited 2014.

Artists Emma van Beek / Natasa Heydra
Description Festival stage setting using special designed flags.
Presented at During the festival Rotterdam Unlimited
Location Festival area in centre of Rotterdam
Commissioned by Rotterdam Unlimited and Rotterdam Festivals
Producer Mothership – Joost ten Bruggencate
Artist’s website www.EmmavanBeek.nl
Thanks to Threesome project in collaboration with Hogeschool Rotterdam


© Mothership
© Mothership
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